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The future of co-working and collaboration


Virtual HQ

Our immersive virtual working environments offer photorealistic graphics and can be customised to suit your business including space, layout and brand identity. The ability to connect with colleagues in an immersive environment can increase productivity and employee wellbeing and allow teams to communicate effectively and efficiently, channeling creativity and removing all geographical limitations.



Through our immersive, scalable and adaptable platform, we bring events to life online in new and exciting ways. By enabling stakeholders to autonomously navigate the environment, with fully inter-connected communication and multimedia integration, real-life event and meeting space experiences are brought to life online.

Why BrandLab360?

Virtual Meetings

Fully integrated VOIP technology supporting all aspects of communication such as presentations, interactive sessions, meetings and public and private collaboration. 

Virtual Conferences

Fully scalable with unlimited participants, private links and meeting rooms.

Virtual Offices

Maintaining collaborative interaction of in-person working with the convenience, efficiency and sustainability of remote first.

Virtual Events

Bespoke corporate event spaces unite delegates in an immersive, interactive and engaging branded space.

Virtual experiences are here to stay

4 x

Users feel up to 4 times more emotionally connected to content within the metaverse. 


25% of people will spend at least an

hour per day in the metaverse by 2026, for work, entertainment, shopping or education. 

12 x

Users spend on average 12 times longer in a virtual environment compared to a standard website. 


45% of individuals who are members of generation Z feel most comfortable in an online environment.

Case Study:

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