Join us in the Metaverse

BrandLab360 brings together a world of endless interconnected virtual communities

where people can meet, transact, work and play online in the metaverse. 


Create 360° virtual environments with a fully functioning economy, and transferability of avatars and digital assets. All events and 3D digital environments occur in real time and are fully accessible via a link with no apps or downloads required. 


Create virtual versions of your brick-and-mortar retail stores, providing an upgraded online shopping experience. Allow your consumers to visit a virtual shoppable store and interact with the products, reducing the uncertainty in products when shopping online. 


Unique features also include the opportunity to 'sit down' face-to-face with a store advisor or send a link to a friend to join them in the shopping experience.


Create 3D custom avatars and digital twins to further improve the customer experience. Consumers can create their own avatar and explore your virtual store with one consistent identity. Alternatively, you can host an avatar or a brand ambassador, influencer or company founder to further endorse your brand identity. 

Accessible on all devices with respect to privacy and data collection. 

Find out how to start your Metaverse journey