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Revolutionising E-Commerce with

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"We are thrilled to have launched a brand-first, interactive, digital platform for our consumers to fully immerse into the world of Too Faced. Maison Too Faced will allow consumers to explore our core franchises and new launches, experience virtual services and shop with their friends online. The platform will push boundaries with innovative gamification and entertainment, whilst keeping a user-friendly, seamless and enjoyable purchase journey at the heart of the experience."

- Sarah Lynn, Too Faced Brand General Manager

See it for yourself

Hint: Use WASD keys to navigate through the environment

How we did it


To create a first-of-its-kind virtual retail experience, harnessing the power of gamification in an immersive and interactive experience.


The online experience should allow the consumer to shop a full retail environment alone or with friends via live appointment functionality. The consumers can book virtual consultations and masterclasses. 

Disruptive Outcome

The launch has completely reinvigorated their e-commerce team’s ambitious plans for the future – removing any limitations or challenges of space, configuration and related costs.


With comprehensive reporting dashboard capabilities, we provide crucial consumer behaviour insights to identify trends and improve consumer experience.


The virtual store has resulted in an increase of customer engagement, amplified awareness of new product launches and an uplift of average order value.

Influencers were quick to take to social media with #MaisonTooFaced, generating over 100k views on TikTok alone.

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