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V-commerce : Virtual Reality E-Commerce
The Future of Online Shopping


V-Market - Virtual Marketplace

Brand stores integrated into a virtual marketplace with the opportunity to enhance your current e-commerce platform to a virtual commerce marketplace.  


V-Stores - Individual Virtual Brand Stores

Direct to consumer virtual reality stores to help elevate e-commerce by allowing consumers to walk around replicas of your retail stores and purchase products. Unique features include the opportunity for your consumers to ‘sit down’ face to face with a store advisor or send a link to a friend to join them in the shopping experience.


V-Rooms - Specialised Virtual Spaces

High-definition interactive environments with presentation screens and gamified collaboration tools.

Connect hundreds of remote students or employees globally with our virtual office and training environments.


VR Press Days

Interactive press environments for product and collection launches with unlimited users being able to navigate and communicate in our environments.


VR B2B Showrooms

Wholesale showrooms where your retail customers can meet your brands to make transactional orders.


VR Merchandising

Retail merchandising training - we can create luxury high quality versions of your incumbent retail stores so that staff can have merchandising training in virtual reality.

Why BrandLab360?


Ability to invite friends, family and colleagues directly into the environment and enjoy the experience together with our integrated video and voice functionality


Using gamification, you are able to build and download assortments, manipulate products and customise the environment


The ability to render photo realistic 360° environments into a web browser without any apps or downloads required


Our fully managed service takes care of all of the entire project including data uploads and ongoing amendments


Information tags link seamlessly to product detail, any form of media or transactional options such as B2B and B2C sites


Use the power of modular gamification where any product can be picked up, changed, moved around and purchased directly within the environment


Analytics allow you to see where users are congregating live within an environment, potentially changing the face of visual merchandising for years to come.


Live stream within the virtual environment to build customer loyalty and build deeper relationships with customers


Fully password protected and a secure browser


Unlimited number of users can access the virtual environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year