Virtual Showrooms

Go beyond the traditional brand experience with our

Immersive Virtual Reality Showroom Technology. 


If you are a company that wants to provide continuity of brand DNA, we can custom build your virtual showroom using existing static imagery to recreate your brick and mortar showroom space. Alternatively, you can choose from a number of curated template backgrounds or create a bespoke environment.


Our 360° showrooms used by famous brands all over the world can incorporate all brand supplied media assets and product images, maintaining brand integrity and identity. With a direct link to customers around the globe, sales appointments can be hosted live via the unique built in video link, allowing sales teams, agents and distributors to retain autonomy over all appointment management and customer relationships. 


Take advantage of our showrooms with our B2B platform which link seamlessly and order direct from the showroom - or link your own!

Why BrandLab360?

Face to Face.png

Host live face to face sales appointments with our integrated video and voice functionality


Create pre assortments with or on behalf of your buyers, or create and share linesheets and product catalogues

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Allow your buyers to browse the 360° environment at their own convenience


Our fully managed service takes care of all the entire project, including data uploads, and ongoing amendments 


Information tags link seamlessly to product detail, any form of media, or transactional options such as B2B and B2C sites


Host an online event or virtual shopping experience

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Unlimited users and unlimited live links


Live stream within the virtual environment


Fully password protected and a secure browser


Access your showroom 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Assortment Builder

At the heart of our revolutionary technology is an overriding aim to make people feel connected and immersed when they meet and transact online.


Newly introduced to BrandLab360 is an interactive digital rail for assortments. Buyers are able to explore the showrooms as first person avatars and are now able to pick up specific items from various collections and add them to a virtual rail, instantly visualising selections which once confirmed, can then be sent straight to an order.


Buyers are able to select as many garments as they like, save them to an assortment and make the key choices at their leisure, with other decision makers having the opportunity to provide input too. In addition to a live sales appointment in the showroom with a brand representative, buyers can also peruse at their leisure, eradicating the sense of urgency that often comes from in-person viewings.  

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We use hybrid technologies to help create a narrative for our brands & clients that allow those who can not visit physical showrooms to get a similar experience. 


The technology used encapsulates the most innovative 360 VR Technology merged with the creative vision of our technical and creative team.

 We are not limited to the Fashion industry either, here at BrandLab360 we are also able to digitally replicate art galleries, car showrooms and trade events across all industries.