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Reimagining the Property Industry

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How we did it


Create a digital model to be used during the real time build and construction of a 240-plot apartment building through to sales and post-sale support. BrandLab360 created an exact digital twin of the entire development project recreating individual spaces and viewpoints. The project was modular allowing for changes and customisation creating efficiencies throughout the design, build and sales process. Integrated VOIP technology and private virtual meeting functionality implemented to allow one on one and group meetings and appointments from anywhere in the world.

Disruptive Outcome

XCompany are one of the number of companies who have changed multiple facets of their business because of the success of our Web3 platform, from project management and design, through to interior design and architecture, and then sales and marketing. Our Web3 platform has the potential to disrupt the entire construction industry, with XCompany PLC and Grosvenor Estates being the early adopters of our ground-breaking technology.


250 properties sold as a direct result of appointments via our solution and an enhanced and elevated experience across the entire value chain, including less postproduction construction issues and a better customer service experience.

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