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Metaverse Environments

Covering all aspects and industries including events, education, recruitment, exhibition spaces, property and more, BrandLab360 is the only platform to render photo-realistic environments directly in a web browser and harness the power of gamification to make users feel connected online. 

Benefits of our technology

No download required

Unlimited users in a browser-based CGI-quality metaverse without any apps or downloads required.

Greater communication capability

Users can connect with others via our easy-to-use VOIP (voice-over internet protocol) technology.

Live streaming

Live stream events, virtual meetings and presentations directly within your virtual environment.

Always accessible

Access the environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No limitations

All metaverse environments can link to any pre-existing platform you may already use with no coding or API.


Scalable, robust and secure environments with compliance and data regulations at the forefront.

Increased customer insights

Bespoke dashboards for greater data capture and analytics. 

Little effort required

BrandLab360 are a true SAAS platform, which means very little resource is required on your part.

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Unbeatable Graphics

Bring unlimited people together in a browser-based CGI-quality metaverse, without any apps or downloads required.


Whether you are looking to replicate a digital twin of a pre-existing environment or create a brand new experience from scratch, we are on hand to help - the possibilities are endless!

Key statistics

What our clients say

BrandLab360 Client - XCo

"The support from BrandLab360 from start to finish has been great. They made any necessary tweaks to the program in a timely fashion and the program itself is a great immersive experience for prospects.


BrandLab360 has allowed us to hit aggressive pre-leasing goals as we’re able to tour prospects virtually before the construction is done. It helps our leasing team better sell the spaces than they would with just renderings and allows prospects to tour themselves through the building.


We also use the BrandLab360 module during our leasing interview process by assigning interviewees to record a mock virtual tour so we can better gauge their communication skills."

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