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Our web-based platform can transform any website into a 3D virtual experience. No apps, downloads, or VR headsets are required. ​It's fast, immersive, and intuitive, based on years of development and research in next-generation graphics simulation.

We work with innovative companies to create custom immersive 3D spaces across all industries. Enabling their audience to learn, shop, or work in an exciting and memorable way.


BrandLab360 offers an end-to-end service solution for enterprise companies. Our expert team will lead you through all stages of the project; from strategy, design, build, and deployment.

We enable you to reach new audiences, create new revenue streams, and deliver exceptional business impact. 

Virtual Spaces Platform


How it works

Experience real-time streaming of CGI-quality, photorealistic graphics to any device or web browser.

Rapid. Realistic. Responsive.

Our virtual spaces can be easily embedded to any existing website. No complex integrations or lengthy development processes.

Simple integration

Laptop with a 3D immersive website

Exactly mirror your physical space or create a highly customised experience. Bringing products and spaces to life across the web.

Bring any vision to life

Our flexible platform uses modular functionality to edit, move or optimise 3D elements, creating tailored virtual spaces. 

Customisable 3D environment

Seamlessly connect users worldwide in immersive 3D spaces for real-time interactions.


Connect icon

Boost team productivity with virtual environments that foster creativity and seamless collaboration.


Collaborate icon

Increase conversion rates by providing immersive, confidence-boosting product experiences.


Convert icon

Make a lasting impression


Move beyond the screen.

No apps, downloads, or VR headsets required.


VR headset icon

Host thousands of people, at the same time.


3 people head icon

Infinite customisations for any industry.​


Image wireframe icon

Integration with all e-commerce platforms.​


Wireframe icon

Robust AWS and TLS encryption.


Padlock icon

We've redefined user interaction enabling users to explore anywhere in our 3D virtual space, as naturally as they would in their physical surroundings.


  • Ability to move freely

  • See products upfront

  • Interact with them intuitively


It's the difference between a passive experience and an enriched, engaging adventure.

Explore anywhere

Mirror any physical space or create a highly customised experience to bring products and spaces to life across the web and AR. Our flexible platform uses modular functionality to edit, move or optimise 3D elements, creating tailored virtual spaces. 

Endless customisation

Photorealistic assets and 360 virtual environments.


360 degree icon

Easy-to-use video and voice integration.


Webcam icon

Explore anywhere in the virtual space.


Persons head with idea bubbles icon

Reduce carbon footprint and lower cost.


Sustainability icon

Enhanced real-time data on user behaviour.

Data driven

Bar chart icon


One immersive platform.
A complete end-to-end solution.

Connect with customers, colleagues, or friends with our easy-to-use live video and voice functionality. 


  • Shop with friends and get advice on your purchases

  • Have authentic, personal meetings with colleagues

Host unlimited users, in one space.

Connect with others, real-time

Seamlessly connect your e-commerce site to your virtual store. Display live information on your product range, from stock levels to pricing, and sizing. 


Unlike other platforms, customers can make purchases directly within our virtual space. Ensuring you're offering a seamless customer experience, from end-to-end.

End-to-end experience

Our expert team will support you every step. We begin with a consultation to understand your goals, needs, and vision.


Engage icon

Our customisation options can bring your vision to life. Whether it's designing 3D spaces, interactive features, or personalised branding.


Immerse icon

You will have access to the latest features and advancements, keeping your 3D digital experiences fresh and engaging.


Transform icon

Working with BrandLab360

Capture enhanced real-time data on user behaviour, not available in physical spaces, stores, or traditional websites.

Leverage powerful insights to make data-driven decisions, inform future trends, optimise product offerings and marketing real-time.

Unlock insights  

Our state-of-the-art AI avatar assistant responds in real-time and offers tailored, in-store level of assistance. Or create a custom-branded avatar with their own unique personality.

AI enables new forms of connectivity and productivity. Enhance customer satisfaction, improve user experience, and increase brand loyalty with AI assistance.

AI assistance  

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