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SDK for Unreal Engine and Unity

BrandLab360 web platform and SDK will soon be available to Developers - register your interest below for Beta access.


Using BrandLab360's SDK for Unreal Engine and Unity you'll soon have the power to build your very own virtual space application in either game engine. Use our dev tools to bring in any of our powerful features and then access them all via our proprietary web platform, streaming from the cloud. The possibilities are endless.

Build next-gen 3D immersive experiences:

  • High-performance streaming: Our platform extends the capabilities of Unreal Engine and Unity, taking their Pixel Streaming / Render Streaming, and delivering the highest level of quality and performance.

  • Scalability and flexibility: Host thousands of concurrent users in large immersive environments. Accessible globally, 24/7.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Instantly stream to any web browser or device. No apps, downloads or VR headsets required. Users will access via a standard URL.

Features include:

Pixel Streaming / Render Streaming for photo-realistic 3D experiences.

Modular functionality for easy 3D element editing and optimisation.

Full customisation options, from materials to colours.

Seamless asset uploads, from products to 3D models.

Scalable hosting for thousands of concurrent users.

Gamification features like easter eggs, leaderboards, and mini-games.

Avatar creation, social media integration, and live video conferencing.

Convenient event booking through a built-in calendar system.

Secure user accounts with login and registration options.

Enhanced real-time analytics for in-depth insights.

All the documentation, source code and user manuals you'll need to start developing.

Developer Docs

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Learn best practices for creating 3D websites with guides from our expert team.

Developer Guides

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How it works


SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine 

Use BrandLab360's SDK for Unity and Unreal Engine to seamlessly integrate immersive, photo-realistic 3D experiences into your website.

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Reach new audiences

Embed your immersive virtual experience on your own website and stream in HD to any device or web browser, anytime, anywhere.

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