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“What we learn to do, we learn by doing” - Thomas Jefferson

Web3 and metaverse technologies are transforming education and training by offering immersive, hands-on experiential learning opportunities. BrandLab360 builds bespoke learning platforms that offer true-to-life simulations and practical exercises, radically uplifting information retention and driving up success rates. 

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VR Simulation

Augmented and virtual reality extensions to any learning environment. We work with you to design VR experiences that reinforce learning objectives, either through a headset, tablet or smartphone.


Metaverse Ed-tech

We create virtual immersive learning spaces. Fully customisable, there are no limits to the scope and size of training events with multimedia integration and real-time communication, perfectly scaffolding the learning experience.


Corporate training

Through AI and state-dependent, personalised technology, Metaverse environments can adapt to the individual user, enabling automated, personalised learning and ever-changing challenges to solve. Corporations exert total control of the learning outcomes while engaging their workforce in new and exciting ways. 


Virtual Campus

By using metaverse technology to make a virtual campus we enable students and teachers to access sophisticated, learning-optimised environments, holistically designed to offer all the benefits of a brick-and-mortar campus.  

Why BrandLab360?


Unlimited simultaneous users, no apps or downloads required


A scalable and secure platform with robust administrative control


The platform is accessible 24/7, allowing users to access it anytime, anywhere

Live stream

Easy-to-use VOIP technology allows users to connect in the virtual environment

Live Stream

Live stream events, virtual meetings, and presentations in the environment


Fully customisable


easy-to-use interface

Educator-only portals, digital resource libraries, recreation rooms, and social spaces

Fully immersive CGI learning experiences

Accessible, inclusive and sustainable solutions for a hybrid world

Retention and engagement boosted through game-based learning opportunities

Virtual experiences are here to stay


Users feel up to 4 times more emotionally connected to the content in a virtual within the metaverse. 


25% of people will spend at least an

hour per day in the metaverse by 2026, for work, entertainment, shopping or education. 


Users spend on average 12 times longer in a virtual environment compared to a standard website. 


45% of individuals who are members of generation Z feel most comfortable in an online environment.

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