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The Future of Online Shopping

Today's Metaverse Creators for Tomorrow's Consumer Experiences

BrandLab360 are a collection of courageous innovators and the global pioneers of v-commerce.

As one of the earliest adopters of Metaverse style technology, our platform enables companies and corporations of all sizes to elevate their businesses using virtual reality and gamification.

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MetaTown by BrandLab360

Utilising the unprecedented v-commerce technology from MetaTown's creators BrandLab360, MetaTown is a virtual world like no other, harnessing the power of gamification and allowing users to shop, work, socialise, educate and train in the Metaverse.



Shoppers are invited into the Maison to experience the gamified world of beauty.

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Start Your Metaverse Journey Today

BrandLab360 are the global leaders of virtual reality solutions, V-commerce and Metaverse experiences. Our unique technology harnesses the power of gamification to elevate online business.

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