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Welcome to your VirtualHQ

Experience seamless remote collaboration with BrandLab360's VirtualHQ. Our platform provides a centralised virtual space for distributed teams to co-work effectively from anywhere. Connect with colleagues in real-time, nurturing human connections even in the digital realm. Elevate collaboration, foster teamwork, and redefine remote work.


One immersive platform.

A complete end-to-end solution.

Seamless collaboration

  • Human Connections: Foster team unity with instant voice and video calls that recreate the feeling of being in the same room, enhancing genuine interaction.

  • Real-Time Connectivity: Facilitate spontaneous exchanges and brainstorming sessions with instant communication tools like spatial audio and chat.

Flexible meeting management

  • Effortless Presentations: Streamline meetings with intuitive tools for seamless presentations.

  • Private Meeting Spaces: Create intimate environments for focused conversations among team members.

  • Instant Connections: Break down geographical barriers and enable effortless collaboration.

Tailored workspace

  • Customised Environment: Tailor your collaborative space to reflect your brand identity,

  • Personalised Offices: Users have their own office space that they can design according to their preferences.

  • Custom Avatars: Personalise your avatar to reflect your unique identity and style.

Your complete remote toolkit:

From personalised avatars to seamless communication channels, our platform provides all the essentials for remote teams to thrive.

No hardware or software


Personalised Avatars


Voice and video call


Private meetings and offices

Spatial audio




Presentation tools


Customisable space

Virtual Workspace Statistics

surveyed favour immersive experiences over tools like video conferencing.


of businesses surveyed are already experiencing value from their work metaverse.


increased productivity is facilitated by online collaboration tools and digital workplaces.


Transform distance into connection with our VirtualHQ

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