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BrandLab360 transforms online shopping into an immersive experience, eliminating the static nature of traditional e-commerce platforms and addressing limitations in conventional retail experiences.


Our platform not only empowers you to create bespoke virtual stores and showrooms but also facilitates real-time connections, fostering genuine interaction between brands and customers. Replicate real-world stores or design 3D-exclusive experiences, revolutionising product showcasing and enhancing marketing campaigns.

Step into the future of online shopping


Unique and memorable experience

BrandLab360 transforms your retail space, ensuring it stands out as a memorable and distinctive online destination.

Enhanced engagement

Elevate engagement and foster loyalty by incorporating features such as "Shop with Friends" and engaging gamification elements on our platform.

Connect with ease

Seamlessly collaborate and connect with customers, colleagues, and friends, enhancing communication efficiency and productivity for all users.

Enhanced conversions

Engage with products and checkout seamlessly within the store, utilising integrated e-commerce functionality to make informed purchasing decisions and drive sales.

Customer analytics

Gain access to valuable customer analytics through BrandLab360, providing insights that can be effectively utilised for targeted sales and marketing strategies.

Interactive products

Allow customers to interact with products in a dynamic 3D space, providing an immersive experience that empowers them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Our results

BrandLab360's virtual environments redefine retail, presenting a revolutionary approach for brands to seamlessly interact with customers. Our cutting-edge platform transforms the online shopping landscape into an immersive, sensory-rich experience, elevating your brand and setting the stage for the future of retail interaction.



of consumers prefer virtual experiences to a physical-world alternative.



of consumers using immersive shopping want their favourite brands to offer it.



more likely to purchase in v-commerce compared to a traditional e-commerce site.


About the platform

Engage your audience instantly with our fast, intuitive, and web-based platform.

Immediate immersion

Tailor your online presence with modular functionality, creating bespoke 3D environments.

Customisable virtual spaces

Render HD-quality graphics and 360 virtual spaces for an unparalleled user experience.

Photorealistic realism

Explore freely, see products upfront, and intuitively interact in our 3D virtual space.

Explore anywhere
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