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Transforming Engagement: Mindscape Revolutionises Digital Empathy for Athletes 

In the evolving landscape of sports engagement, where bridging the gap between fans and athletes is paramount, Mindscape emerges as a groundbreaking solution. Developed through a partnership between BrandLab360 and Deloitte Digital, Mindscape redefines the way fans connect with Team GB and ParalympicsGB athletes. This innovative platform offers fans an immersive journey into the minds of athletes, fostering empathy and understanding like never before. By providing insights into the challenges and triumphs of Paralympic athletes, Mindscape also plays a vital role in making fans more engaged with Paralympic sports, promoting inclusivity and empathy in the sporting community. 

Deloitte Digital


Deloitte, a global leader in audit, consulting, and related services, operates in over 150 countries with a workforce of around 455,000 professionals. With a shared culture and purpose focused on making an impact that matters, Deloitte's member firms worldwide strive to deliver excellence and value to clients across diverse industries. Serving as Digital Transformation Partner to both Team GB and ParalympicsGB, Deloitte delivers projects that enhance relevance with customers and stakeholders while leveraging platforms for societal good. 


Redefining Fan Engagement in the Digital Age 

In sports engagement, one of the main challenges is the need to foster greater connection and engagement with fans. In the lead-up to Paris 2024, Team GB, ParalympicsGB and Deloitte are seeking to rebuild their fan engagement and drive social impact. Despite the widespread popularity of the Olympic Games, there remains a need to deepen fans' understanding and appreciation of the athletes and the sports they compete in.

Similarly, while the Paralympic Games have gained momentum in recent years, there is still a significant gap in awareness and understanding of Paralympic sports among mainstream audiences. Deloitte Digital chose BrandLab360 due to their extensive web3 capabilities and talented team to create an experience that creates opportunities for fans to engage more deeply with both Olympic and Paralympic athletes and their sports. 

Showcase the athleticism, skill, and determination of athletes from both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

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Foster empathy and understanding towards athletes from both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, highlighting their dedication and perseverance. 

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Increase awareness and appreciation for Olympic and Paralympic sports among mainstream audiences. 

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Mindscape is a transformative experience that redefines fan engagement and bridges the gap between fans and Paralympic sports. Through immersive technology, Mindscape brings individuals who may not have been initially engaged with the Paralympics closer to the event. Fans delve into what it takes to perform at one's best, from the initial spark of inspiration and relentless hard work to the inevitable sacrifices and the acute emotions of success or failure. 

Gamified Exploration → Boost fan engagement 

Mindscape leads users through an immersive storytelling journey, prompting them to complete tasks and collect rewards to enhance engagement and deepen their connection with the experience. 


Athlete Insights → Fosters digital empathy 

As users explore the minds of athletes, they develop profound digital empathy and gain insight into the personal stories behind the medals. 


Avatar representation → Personalised and authentic experience 

User avatars represent both the experience of Paralympians competing on the world stage and the daily life of disabled individuals in the UK, providing a personalised and authentic experience for users. 


Complete Accessibility → Inclusive for All 

Designed with accessibility in mind, Mindscape features audio-descriptions and subtitles, ensuring inclusivity for all users. 

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