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Redefining Mundi Westport's wholesale experience

Disruptive Outcome

The current virtual showroom solution has meant that the company has been able to reduce their physical space in their Manhattan showroom; from 16,000 sq ft, to 11,000 sq ft, saving them a considerable amount of money per year. Not only has the Web3 showroom resulted in increased orders and efficiencies, it has also meant that they can reduce costs in their physical space because of the success of virtual reality and BrandLab360's unique software.


It was important to our client that they could retain brand DNA and include the element of fun whilst taking wholesale appointments online. As you can see in the accompanying video, the focus remains on engaging the buyer and showcasing the brand story in a unique and immersive way. The focus was on creating efficient and visual assortment building solutions and showing products as full 360 models.


The client reported increased wholesale orders, more accurate post meeting assortment building, more efficient engagement and an increase in number of appointments due to the lack of travel requirements and time saving efficiencies. The client also benefited from a stronger and more positive relationship with the brand who in turn saw increased sales and a more efficient ordering process.

3d virtual store on shopping street

"The experience of working with the BrandLab360 team has been brilliant from the start. Their technology has allowed us to totally digitise our business which has helped increase our revenues and save costs. Our customers are major department stores, and they are in love with our virtual reality showroom! We think the BrandLab360 team are geniuses, and they have the customer service and support to match their amazing technology - and I am more than happy to do a call with anyone who would like to know more about this great platform."


- Dina Battipaglia, VP Mundi Westport Group

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