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Pioneers of V-Commerce

Bespoke 3D environments drive B2C and B2B revenue, efficiency and engagement whilst growing and maintaining brand DNA.

Future-proof Your Brand

The consumer landscape has changed dramatically in recent years and with unlimited choice and experience now available, virtual shopping experiences are being readily accepted by consumers.

BrandLab360 is disrupting the e-commerce landscape through interactive, immersive and gamified shopping experiences, building community and driving customer retention.


Fully accessible - all virtual stores are available in a standard web browser with no apps, downloads or hardware required - no barrier to entry

Shopping basket

Promote social shopping and collaborative experience, increasing sell through rates and consumer investment

Online shopping

Fully transactional - all stores and showrooms link seamlessly to any e-commerce or back office platform


Live interactive virtual appointments with internal VOIP and avatar functions


Bespoke dashboards capture enhanced user data and consumer behaviour

Games console controller

Modular technology supports re-merchandising, orders and assortments and in-store interactive games

A more sustainable B2B solution

Our customers report significant reduction in their carbon footprint using our bespoke showroom solutions. Allowing buyers to access 360 product imagery, virtual buying appointments and live assortment functionality we can significantly reduce the need for travel.

Reduced need for storeroom square footage through smart stock control and enhanced buying and ordering functionality further improves carbon and material efficiency.

Retaining the same control over merchandising and storytelling as physical showrooms, yet operating within a virtual space, brands can offer the same level of personal service string relationships but allows for a number of time and cost efficiencies.

Retail and wholesale in the metaverse



63% of consumers share their experience on their social media platforms


Client data demonstrates an increase of 68% in average order value in their virtual environment compared to their e-commerce site


The adoption of a virtual reality environment can increase conversion rates by up to 17%

Maison Too Faced logo

"We are thrilled to have launched a brand-first, interactive, digital platform for our consumers to fully immerse into the world of Too Faced. Maison Too Faced will allow consumers to explore our core franchises and new launches, experience virtual services and shop with their friends online. The platform will push boundaries with innovative gamification and entertainment, whilst keeping a user-friendly, seamless and enjoyable purchase journey at the heart of the experience."

- Sarah Lynn, Too Faced Brand General Manager

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