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Immersive Retail:

Maison Too Faced's Virtual Store

Brands need to continuously evolve to keep pace with rapidly changing consumer preferences and technological advancements.


Too Faced, a top beauty brand, partnered with BrandLab360 to bring an immersive online shopping experience to their consumers.


Leveraging our advanced platform with gamification, video chat, and transactional capabilities - Maison Too Faced gave an immersive way to explore and purchase cosmetics. Generating increased engagement and sales for the brand. 

Too Faced


Too Faced, a global cosmetics brand, empowers self-expression through cruelty-free, innovative products that blend fun with function, redefining beauty for a new generation.


Redefining retail for a new consumer era

Boost customer engagement with a virtual shopping experience that strengthens brand affinity.

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Use the virtual store as a platform to tell the Too Faced brand story.

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Develop a virtual store that brings the in-store experience, online. 

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Maison Too Faced virtual retail store


Maison Too Faced

BrandLab360 and Too Faced launched 'Maison Too Faced' – a fully-branded, gamified virtual beauty world that brings shopping into their consumer's homes.

Lifelike virtual environments → Strengthening brand engagement

The virtual shopping experience elevates the brand-consumer relationship. BrandLab360's platform uses photorealistic visually stunning graphics and allows users to explore the whole environment, much like real life.

Collaborative video shopping → Enhancing social connectivity and sales
The "Shop with Friends" feature enables collaborative online shopping through video calls, enhancing social interaction and increasing sales. 

Direct e-commerce integration → Simplifying the purchase process
The virtual store is also integrated directly with Too Faced's e-commerce meaning users never have to leave the store to make a purchase. Allowing uninterrupted shopping and a streamlined user experience.

In-store gamification → Increasing customer involvement and revenue
Gamification elements throughout the virtual store, including rewards, deepen the sense of immersion and enhance the overall experience.   

Strategic data analytics → Informing decisions, optimising experiences

The Maison leverages advanced analytics to gain invaluable customer data, empowering informed decision-making for an enhanced shopping experience.


The Results

TikTok Triumph

The #MaisonTooFaced hashtag ignited TikTok,

drawing in 100k views.

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Expanding Horizons

Reinvigorated Too Faced’s e-commerce

team’s ambitious plans for the future.

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ROI Elevated

Increase of customer engagement, amplified awareness of

new product launches and an uplift of average order value. 

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Insights Illuminated

Unearthed invaluable consumer data,

steering future strategies. 

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"We are thrilled to have launched a brand-first, interactive, digital platform for our consumers to fully immerse into the world of Too Faced. Maison Too Faced will allow consumers to explore our core franchises and new launches, experience virtual services and shop with their friends online. The platform will push boundaries with innovative gamification and entertainment, whilst keeping a user-friendly, seamless and enjoyable purchase journey at the heart of the experience." 


- Sarah Lynn, Too Faced Brand General Manager

Too Faced logo

Want the same results?


Get in touch to learn how BrandLab360 can help your business unlock the power of virtual stores.

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