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Reimagining Events

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How we did it


Inspired Business Media is a business event and digital media company that produces industry-led events and digital content for senior executives to connect with other professionals from some of the world’s leading organisations. We were asked to build a space to host live interactive 3D events in partnership with physical events and build an accessible, interactive, and immersive solution and the option to upload and deliver keynote presentations. The possibility to communicate live within the environment and using video calls was important and there should be limited or no barriers to entry. 

Disruptive Outcome

BrandLab360 has provided an exhibition space with private booths, an auditorium, and conference and meeting rooms. Accessible via a weblink - no barrier to entry. Presentations, media, and logos can be uploaded instantly to large screens. Integrated VOIP technology, allowing fluid communication between users, as avatars. Implementing Meta Tech has provided the client with a solution that emulates real-life experiences, encompassing real-time business and networking in the most immersive manner. The success of the platform has meant that VEXP has been able to generate £500K per virtual event in sponsorship and partnerships requiring little time and participation for both VEXP and BrandLab360, the project is extremely profitable and brings the virtual event space into the new era of Web3. 


40% increase on event participants

A higher number of follow up meetings facilitated

Cost savings allowed the client to host 50% more events over the first 12-month period 

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